chasing carrots

chasing carrots

May 29, 2019

A lovely woman who knows me better than anybody once told me that I was a "well-oiled machine." On a day that I was internally struggling she was helping build me back up by her admiration of my habitual self. I am a woman of routine and habit. I do things according to a set schedule each and every day. Those who know me, know this little quirk about me. I keep things orderly and ran according to schedule. My dear friend was wishing she could be in sync with my ways that day and I was just missing the big picture.

I am a stay at home mom with a sewing business and a big dream. The daily to-dos replicate themselves as they do for anybody, working or at home. I like routine, organization, and live by my schedule. But I am here to tell you that it gets old sometimes and occasionally I awaken and dread the monotony or "ordinary happenings" of my day. The alarm sounds and it is time to do it all over again, sound familiar?

We find ourselves at times yearning for something to look forward to, to get us through these days that seem a little more dreadful. Whether it's a chance to finally pack a bag and go somewhere, a date night with our hubby, or just have a long-awaited drink with a friend on Friday night. Sometimes we just need a carrot to chase, like that of a racing horse, to help us push through the "blah."

A visiting priest at our church gave a homily and said that "ordinary happenings are a blessing; it means things are moving accordingly to the will we've put in place." I felt the need to share this little tidbit because I know I am not alone. We all go through phases of life, some longer than others, where we wonder what the heck we are doing. My mind drifts to this state on the days of monotonous ongoings when everything just seems stale. Take comfort (I know I do) in the fact that ordinary is okay. On occasion find a carrot to chase and run like hell until you grab it, getting yourself out of the "blah".


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