flip a coin

flip a coin

January 8, 2020

If I remember correctly, it was the second night in my dorm and I had yet to make any attempt to be social. My roommate had already picked a major, made a ton of friends, and a sorority; she was well on her way, day 2 mind you! Me? I was on lock down and I wasn’t coming out. I think the first time I even spoke to anyone was when my suite-mate knocked on my door. I opened it just enough to catch a glimpse of her perky self. She had a smile that showed all over her face. Her name was Tiffani and someone I will never forget. She was a basketball player and full of spunk. As she stuck her fingers through the crack to attempt shaking my hand, I opened the door just enough to return the gesture. I quickly closed the door and thought to myself, “I can’t do this.” As I sat on my top bunk searching for a solution, I called home. I cried, full on panting and gasping for air, begging my mom to come and get me. I was down right homesick. I later found out while she was on the phone with me that night my dad told her I needed to stay put. As we hung up I laid in bed and didn’t know what I was going to do. I could hear this roaring of girls laughing down the hall. At some point I remembered thinking to myself, sink or swim Kimberly. I jumped down and peeked my head out of the door (coast was clear, nobody out there to kidnap me) and I walked slowly down to the room. As soon as I made it to the threshold of the dorm room, I heard, “Hola chica! Come in come in!” Patricia was so much fun to be around and an instant bestie from day one. The next night we all decided to go to a party that was located downtown San Antonio. My mom was astounded. She was probably thinking, “Okay who is this and what have you done with my daughter?” She asked me where I was going and I said I didn’t really know. I will never forget driving on the hectic 410 of San Antonio, at night, and getting to Interstate 10. We all six had a decision to make and fast, east or west? You’re talking a small town girl, population 5,500, driving in San Antonio for the VERY FIRST TIME, what tha? Genevieve pulled a quarter out of her pocket and flipped it. As it spun in the back of my moms big blue Chevy Lumina she yelled “Heads we go east, tails we go west!” It is one of my favorite stories to tell about college. Gosh I wish I was fearless like that all of the time, don’t you? I often wonder what the heck made me do something that far out of my comfort zone. I definitely know God had something to do with it and intervened, not only for mine but my mother’s sake. After that night, her and I both knew I was going to be okay.

As we bust into 2020 everyone is making resolutions. For the last week I have occasionally scrolled social media and have been bombarded with people making promises to themselves, picking a word to live by, or a quote to inspire them throughout he year. Me? Nada. I can’t commit. I am inspired by those who can pledge to something and stick with it. I have however been reminiscing on the past here lately and this story in particular popped into my head as I sat with my fingers on the keys trying desperately to find something to blog about. I find myself fearful more times than not and I always think back to that night on I-10 in San Antonio. If the coin would have landed on tails, we would have ended up in Boerne, Texas, not downtown San Antonio where we needed to be. It is a true story and testament of faith over fear. So the next time you find yourself in a pickle, flip a coin and let your faith overpower the fear. Happy 2020 and I think I just found my resolution...cheers!


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