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loose threads

loose threads

May 4, 2019

While unintentional, just about every handmade item of mine comes with a loose thread, dangling freely, yearning to be trimmed. I sew like my grandmother, fast. So it is only natural that I miss a thread or two before it goes into packaging and shipped off to a customer. If I am wearing something of my creation, it never fails that I find a thread dangling from the hemline. It is what it is. Loose threads are just a sweet aspect of me and my sewing.

Every time I find a thread that needs to be trimmed I cannot help but think back to my younger years of sewing. I competed growing up. From third grade until I graduated high school I sewed according to patterns and guidelines, clipping and notching, trimming and hand sewing every single freaking hem. So you can understand why I jumped for joy when it was all over with. I was never touching another sewing machine again. My sweepstakes winning, purple pansy suit was my last item of clothing to be sewn. The matching straw hat with the silk purple pansy stuck in the brim I am sure was the real winner here. When you compete however, there is a scoresheet that the judges make notes on. Loose threads was a category, unfortunate for me. If I was docked for points, 99.9% of my scoresheets had loose threads circled.

I have been pondering over my business Woman On A Whim lately and something just didn't feel right. As I dug deep in my heart and soul, I wanted my business to be reflective of me and how I have grown as a designer and seamstress. My days of sewing with my mother standing over my shoulder saying "just a stitch or two" take me back to those hand-sewn hems and loose threads; it is why I do what I do and love every minute of it. It's ironic isn't it? I turned something I couldn't wait to be done with, into a business I can't get enough of.

It takes a simple spool of thread to construct something out of fabric. I was intertwining thread between my two index fingers the other day realizing that without this thin strand, I couldn't do what I do with a sewing machine. Thread is a viable piece of the puzzle. So when you order something handmade from me and see a thread dangling, clip it and remember my story about loose threads.

Welcome to Loose Threads Market, the new face of Woman On A Whim.



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