February 3, 2022

I went on a run a while back with my daughter. She was training for cross country, a sport that truly takes guts and grit. It was mid-summer and we live in South Texas; it is hot during August. We would usually venture out onto the county road (we live in the middle of nowhere) with enough time to get in before dark, but on this given day we did not. It was nice though. We got to watch the sun set and is one of my favorite things about where we live. The sunset where we live, drops down where the earth meets the sky and you can see the division clearly. There is a definitive line that you could trace with your finger; it is amazing to watch. As it goes down and ends the day, it gets dark. There are no lights other than the stars and moon that shine. This particular night was cloudy and darker than usual. As it grew darker, we eventually could no longer see what was in front of us.

As my feet hit the pavement I remember looking down and thinking, “I really can’t see a damn thing.” It was a little on the scary side. Rattlesnakes, among other lovely creatures, like to come out at this time and go on the move. So it was normal for my mind to begin thinking about stepping on something and getting bit. The pounding of my feet on the pavement and hard breathes that kept me going was all I could hear, but like I said, I could not see one damn thing. I had to overcome the fear and just run to get to my mileage, so my mind drifted from getting bit to the fascination of running without being able to see what was ahead. I had never ran in the dark before; it was a new experience for me. It was at that moment that I realized something. Life is like running in the dark.

We live without knowing what is ahead yet we still wake up and keep moving. We have no idea what we are about to “step on”. Every now and then, something does jump out and bite us. Whether it’s minor or major, it doesn’t matter because it is unexpected and it is only normal that we jump (and maybe even scream). The moments that make us jump keep our story thriving and faith strong. Trusting in the process, in God, and what lies ahead (even if we get bit) is what we have to hang onto. The next time you're shook, it is okay to jump and freak out, but keep going. Trust that where your feet are landing is where they’re intended to be. I have a hard time trusting the process, His plan, and my point of destination at that given moment. It is also why I chose this word for 2022 friends.

Thanks for being here and reading my vulnerable outlet.



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